Do you sell translucent FRP?

Yes! Translucent flat sheet FRP for all kinds of applications is one of our specialties.

Can FRP be used for more than just wall and ceiling tiles?

Yes! Kal-Lite is a leading provider of FRP for use as an industrial composite material when applications require remarkable durability – with the bonus of transmitted light, easy to clean, and cost effective.  Glass Fibers used to reinforce plastic for use in such applications come in many forms, including chopped strands, woven mats, yarns, tows, and rovings and are selected per application to accomplish specific performance characteristics.  Learn more about some of our FRP solutions.

Who does Kal-Lite typically serve?

Kal-Lite provides FRP panels and custom FRP to a wide range of buyers. The most common application for FRP/GRP is as wall, ceiling, and surface panels and we frequently work with builders, architects, and interior designers. However, our FRP formulations, custom cutting, and design experience has allowed us to serve door manufacturers, dock shelter manufacturers, bus manufacturers, the imaging & coating industry, furniture manufacturers, grocery store chains, the food processing industry, restaurant designers, carwashes, and many more.

What makes Kal-Lite Flat Sheet FRP different from other FRP manufacturers?

In addition to our ability to provide small runs of custom FRP sheeting (with a minimum order that is often ¼ of our competitors), Kal-Lite provides a variety standard colors and an almost limitless range of custom colors. With no problem providing custom sizes and shapes and a completely homogenous product that can stand up to just-about anything – customers with an incredibly diverse range of needs have found a solution in our products.

What kinds of finishes are available for flat FRP sheeting?

FRP in custom colors and cuts are available in 5 different sheeting finishes including: smooth, pebbled, linen, hexpin, and matte.

Does Kal-Lite Offer Class “A” FRP fire-rated material?

Yes! Kal-Lite offers the industry-best 20/100 material, based on ASTM-E84 fire rating test results. As well as a full line of general purpose (Class “C”) sheeting.

What is the lead time for a typical FRP order from Kal-Lite?

In most cases, stocked materials will usually ship in less than a week. Custom and special orders typically take less than 4 weeks.

Does Kal-Lite help with FRP material and product design?

Yes! One of our specialties is working with our customers with specific requests or problem solving to help provide the best available solution. Sometimes, this requires a special resin and glass formulation – other times it may require our in-depth experience providing FRP solutions. Regardless of the complexity – Feel free to ask if Kal-Lite can help. Learn more about some of our FRP solutions.

Is FRP from Kal-Lite available in rolls/coils

Yes – we work with many sizes and quantities of FRP sheeting and accessories.

Is Kal-Lite’s standard stocked colored flat sheet FRP available with matching moldings?

Yes! We offer matching vinyl moldings for our standard colors, as well as anodized gray aluminum molding profiles.

Does Kal-Lite provide product samples to prospective customers?

Absolutely! All you have to do is ask. Contact us today to request a sample.