Antimicrobial FRP Sheeting

Let Us Help You Stay Healthy and Safe

Antimicrobial FRP Sheeting

Businesses everywhere are adapting to a new way of doing business. One that keeps them moving forward while doing what they can to create healthy work environments. Kal-Lite’s antimicrobial FRP sheeting is the answer for the modern workspace.

Kal-Lite’s antimicrobial FRP sheeting has an easy-to-clean rich resin surface that keeps your workspace surfaces germ-free. In fact, our antimicrobial FRP sheeting does not support mold growth or harbor bacteria. With a veritable rainbow of color options, Kal-Lite’s antimicrobial FRP sheeting will fit perfectly with your workspace design. And for food handling, our antimicrobial FRP sheeting is approved for use by the USDA.

Our antimicrobial FRP sheeting is the perfect solution for healthcare facilities, educational facilities, and food service and production facilities.

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