Custom Flat Sheet FRP by the Kal-Lite Division

For the Look You Want and the Function You Need

At Kal-Lite, we combine custom capabilities with every inherent benefit available from fiberglass reinforced plastic. What does that mean? It means we can help you make the absolute most of this remarkable material – from form to function.

It’s not often that a flat sheet FRP manufacturer can truly claim that the possibilities are virtually limitless, but with our capability to provide custom colors, sizes, and shapes – it’s a claim we make with full confidence.

Having provided solutions to an extremely wide range of industries, the only question that remains is, “how can we help you?”

  • FRP in virtually Any Color
  • 5 Available finishes
  • Custom Sizes and Shapes
  • Highly Resistant to Impact, the Elements, and Corrosives
  • Class “A” & Class “C” Fire-Rated
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Use Our Custom Color Tool

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Form & Function in Perfect Harmony

The Benefit of Over a Half Century of FRP Expertise

Maybe you are attracted to custom FRP for the fact that we are capable of aesthetically beautiful results with the custom color palette specific to your needs.

Perhaps custom FRP is right for you because it boasts superior performance characteristics, homogenous construction, and high impact resistance.

Whether you need a custom wall or ceiling that looks great, or a functional surface with any look you need – Kal-Lite can help.

Sizes include:

  • Thickness: .045″, .060″, .090″, .120″, .135” .145” are standard and up to .170″ (pebbled) are possible.
  • Widths: up to 60″, 48″ standard.
  • Length: 8′, 9′, 10′ and 12′ standard
  • Lengths to 500′ available in rolls
  • Custom sizes available

Fire Ratings

  • General purpose; Class C (FS=120 SD=290)
  • Low Flame, LF Class A (FS=25 and SD=450)
  • Low Flame and Smoke; Class A (FS=20 SD=100)

Regardless of your motivation for choosing FRP, our goal at Kal-Lite is to cater our product to your needs – to blend form and function to deliver the perfect solution for your application.