Standard & Custom Flat Sheet FRP Wall Panels

Made for Beauty, Made for Ease, Made for Life

For years, flat sheet FRP Wall Panels have grown a reputation for affordability, durability, and ease of installation in applications ranging from restrooms and kitchens to commercial interiors. Today, FRP is much more.

With more customization options available than any other FRP manufacturer, Kal-Lite wall panels offer architects, builders, and designers a wall covering that provides all the characteristics they need, with a look that is suitable for virtually any interior application.

When other FRP manufacturers can’t or won’t, the Kal-Lite Division can.

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The Kal-Lite Difference: The Look You Need That Lasts a Lifetime

When you are shopping for wall paneling, wainscoting or wall cladding, ease of installation and durability are a basic requirement. However, for many searching, finding the right color, finish, thickness or fire rating is where the search can get tough. Kal-Lite flat sheet FRP wall panels solve that problem with more stocked standard colors, finishes, and sheeting options than any other FRP manufacturer, and a world of possibilities with value added services like custom cuts, imaging, sublimating, laminating and much more.

Wall Panel Specifications

Sizing Information

Standard Thickness: Copy: .045", .060", .090", .120", .135”, .145” are standard.

Custom Thickness: Copy: FRP wall panels as thin as .045" or as thick as .170" (pebbled) are possible

Widths: Copy: 60" (5’) and 48" (4’) are standard.

Length: Copy: Cuts can be to length, as well as 8', 9', 10' and 12' standard lengths, with lengths to 500' available on rolls or coils.

Fire Ratings

General purpose; Class C Copy: (FS=120 SD=290)

Low Flame, Class A LF Copy: (FS=25 and SD=450)

Low Flame and Smoke; Class A LF&S Copy: (FS= 20 SD=100)

Vinyl Molding Profiles

Matching vinyl moldings for our standard stocked colors are available including inside and outside corners, as well as end caps and dividers in 8’ and 10’ (12’= white or special order only) lengths to handle any Kal-Lite FRP wall panels.

Aluminum Molding Profiles

We also offer the standard molding profiles in Aluminum with an anodized gray finish.

Alternative Molding (Larger) Profiles

We do offer larger inside & outside corner (1 ½” x 1 ½”) profiles as well, for some of our more popular colors

For more information about standard and custom flat sheet FRP wall panels from Kal-Lite and how we can help make your concept a reality, please don't hesitate to contact us or call 800.526.1609 to speak to one of our experts today.